Teaching Development

The Center for Faculty Development (CFD) at the Kaohsiung Medical University is the primary unit to enhance teaching excellence, provide support, and reward high quality of teaching. Recognizing the fact that quality teaching is the foundation of quality student learning, we host conferences, seminars, and workshops on a regular basis to build the following five critical skills for quality teaching: curriculum design, teaching methods, teaching materials development, classroom management, and learning assessment.

In addition to host developmental workshops and provide financial supports, we have also mentorship programs and arrange host ad hoc meetings when faculty do not measure up in the teaching evaluation or faculty performance evaluation. On the other hand. faculty can request for support, and we may arrange/pair up teaching or research mentors.

In terms of faculty support, we provide grants to three types of faculty peer groups, which include teaching, research and the SIG for self-development. Through interaction and discussion among group members with diverse expertise and diverse minds, faculty learn from each other for teaching and research innovation.

To support new and junior faculty members, we hosts orientation events and pair up mentor-mentees. By doing so, senior faculty may share insights and socialize the young colleagues with their experiences in teaching and research.

Last but not least, we recognize the teaching excellence and annually reward faculty who achieved high standard of teaching. Those who are recognized become the members of The KMU Academy of Teaching Excellence. Those who become the members of the Academy do not only receive rewards, but also are privileged to be the mentors of new faculty, or the faculty who request teaching support.

To summarize, we provide regular supports, recognize and reward teaching excellence, and foster teaching of scholarship through mentorship.