Selection of Excellent Teaching Assistants

    In order to encourage excellent teaching assistants and affirm their efforts and contributions in assisting teaching, the Center conducts the "Selection of Excellent Teaching Assistants". Teachers or students are welcome to recommend excellent teaching assistants to participate in the selection. The selected excellent teaching assistants will be encouraged by awards and scholarships.

1. Applicants: All those who have served as teaching assistant (teaching assistant, advanced teaching assistant, tutor) during the period of school can apply.

2. Date of application: From this date to May 13, 2019, the written data will be sent to the Center for Faculty Development and Learning Advancement (2nd floor of the Li-Hsueh Building).

3. Application Procedure: Please attach the application data and the specific left-hand certificate and collate them in the following order and send them to our center for examination.

A. Application for Selection of Excellent Teaching Assistants (Annex I)

B. Teacher Recommendation Letter (Annex II)

C. Other specific data of Left Card (please attach them as reference for evaluation, such as: assisting teachers to produce textbook certificates, assistant office hour, student's suggestion and evaluation data for assistants, and data related to the improvement of teaching evaluation of teachers, etc.)

4. The selection process of excellent teaching assistants can be divided into two stages: primary selection and re-selection.

A. Primary selection stage: the center will use the following data as the primary selection criteria


Selection of review items



Attendance to advanced courses such as training, seminars and seminars



Final Assessment Form Results (Student Assessment Form, Self-Assessment Form, Teacher and Center Assessment Form, etc.)



The submission of monthly work reports for teaching assistants



Final Results Report and Reference to Assistance in Teaching Preparedness and Learning Counseling


B. Re-election stage: The selection committee reviews the candidate based on the results of the primary election stage and written data. When the examining committee is the instructor of the student, it should avoid it.

5. Number of elected persons: 15% of the total number of teaching assistants actually held in the previous year is the principle; if there is no suitable candidate, it can be vacant.

6. The selected excellent teaching assistants will attend the awarding and sharing meeting of excellent teaching assistants on June 12, 108. They will be encouraged by awards and scholarships.

If you have any questions, please contact your contact person: Ou, Hsiu-hui Extension: 2795.